How to Choose the Right Lipstick Color?

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July 20, 2020

When the point is about makeup, for sure lipstick is the first thing that comes to our mind. It is because the overall makeup is incomplete without lipstick. Lips are so important that it pops up your entire make up look. Choosing your lipstick poorly can easily destroy your whole makeup look. It is the reason you should choose your lipstick very wisely.

Here today, I will let you know some practical tips to choose the right lipstick color.

1.     Know Your Skin Color:

What skin color do you have, light, medium or dark? Yes, it really matters when you choose a lipstick color. If you don’t know your skin color then simply get to know about it under sunlight. Pay your attention to jaw areas, as it allows determining easily. If you have light color then darker lipstick shades will look good on you, if you have medium skin color, then most of the colors can suit you, and if you have dark skin color, then nude colors will be a good fit for you.

2.     The undertone of Your Skin:

Now, as you know the color complexion of your skin, the next comes the color of the lower layer of your skin. To recognize this, you need to focus on the colors of your veins. If you have purple or blue veins, then you have a cold undertone, if you have green veins, then you have a warm undertone, and if you have both green and blue veins, then you have a neutral undertone. Recognizing your undertone will help you find the suitable shade that suits your face and entire face look.

3.     Your Shape Face:

Yes, the shape of your face actually matters when you play with lipsticks. If you have an elongated face with a pronounced chin, then do not use darker and cold shades like brown, purple, etc. If you have a round face, then deeper colors are perfectly suitable for you to lie chromatic nuances, dark shades of red and pink, etc. Also, some sort of pink shades looks good on round shape faces.

4.     Day and Night Colors:

Maybe you think this is an obsolete rule, but in actual it is not. You should have adapted your lipstick when you wear that during the day and when you wear it in the evening. Go with vivid shades in the day as the natural lighting will make you shine and intensify your lip color at night. Intensified colors at night look quite bold and make you stand out.

5.     Pencil or Without Pencil:

My utmost suggestion is always to line your lips if you do not have well-defined lips. It will make your lipstick last longer and make your lips defined and contoured. If you are unable to invest much in lip pencils, then get some neutral shades as it combines will all lipstick colors.

Also, you can go without pencil lipstick if you have defined lips or you don’t want to do that. Suit yourself and your preference as it will make you feel comfortable. However, using a pencil is recommended.

Ensure to have sharpened pencil to have clearly defined line whole across your mouth. After drawing with pencil, add your lipstick or gloss over it and make it pop.

To Conclude:

So beauties, these are some practical tips you can consider for choosing your lipstick color. It will help you in making yourself stand out and classy. Always keep one thing in mind to be comfortable with the choices you made, whether it’s your dress or makeup. It will help you to move everyone easily.


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